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DC 1 - Domino SiteBuilder guide 001

The first pages of this guide explain the purpose of the application, how to install and configure. There are also a comparison between different ways of making web interfaces with Domino, including the new xPages. Finally, purpose and API of the StringBuffer and WebQuery classes.

Comparision with xPages

I tested xPages lately. They seem to be a great way of building Web 2.0 type interfaces for Notes databases. In fact, it was almost déja vu: many of the elements you can now configure without knowing any HTML, CSS or JavaScript are exactly what I am explaining on this blog for over two years now. Unfortunately, the xPages way has a real impact on performance compared to my approach. And because of the nature of Dojo, it does not validate as XHTML. I have no time to present you with real benchmark results. Maybe someone else will.


The next post will be about how to control the presentation with page templates and CSS stylesheets. All comments on my work are more than welcome.


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