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DC 1 - Hello World

As promised, a zip with the database version 01. It contains some basic elements for Notes and some vital elements to start building the web interface using QueryOpen agents.

The Notes elements

The Notes interface is very elementary and will only be used for creating and updating system documents (DbConfig, StyleSheets, Templates). It contains the following elements:

The web elements

These are the basic components to start creating the web interface. So far, I've put in:

How to use the database


Now that we have our 'Hello World' in XHTML 1.0 Strict rendered by the Domino application, next post we might concentrate on making a simple web form to make some pages and make a simple web view to allow some navigation. Have I given the code for the WebForm class yet? I don't remember. This class allows to easily create valid XHTML 1.0 forms resulting in new or updated Notes documents. Anyway, next post will work on this.

Download (98 kB)

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  1. 02/06/2009 08:06:33 AM, Branimir Ćorluka

    Hello Michel,

    I have downloaded the db, and I am looking forward to go through this tutorial/guide/expirience with you.

    After examining the db, I see you use OOP, one thought occured. Is it possible to expand this series of blog posts in a way that you write some architectural documentation regarding the db.

    I know it is time consuming, but this would be great. UML diagrams, explanations of the code, show/explain us the design patterns that you use in your work regulary, I can see what the code does but what are the benefits of doing it that way.

    It is great that you are doing this as a step by step guide, I hope we will have the oportunity to influence the project.


  2. 06/02/2009 08:36:39, Michel Van der Meiren

    Yes, I know. I am planning to add a pdf file with more detailed explanations. Problem indeed is finding the time...

  3. 02/06/2009 08:56:23 AM, Branimir Ćorluka

    That would be nice. One question.

    Is there a particular reason that you write your css on a page, and not as a file resource? Perhaps because you can edit it directly?


  4. 06/02/2009 16:14:00, Michel Van der Meiren

    Yes: on a page I can edit it directly, and I can add an expire date on it later so that it's cached by the browser. Works with JavaScript pages as well.

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