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Announcing Domino Workspace

This is the idea: making a single Notes database that serves as a workplace for a team within an intranet or a community on the internet. It would have sections (places), user profiles (people), shared internet links (dogears), a web admin and online help. In each section, anyone can make 'rooms', separate web applications. Applications that will be needed:

Later on, photo albums, multimedia collections, etc. could be added. Each user has his 'my space', where he can access and manage all his activities within that workplace. Besides the standard interactions, a user can also mark/unmark any page as his favorite. He can make his own quick links, easy access to parts of the workplace he often visits.

Is this re-inventing the wheel?

If there was a good solution already, I would immediately take it and blog nothing but about it. There are very fine partial solutions. The templates that come with Notes are good, but they lack a good web interface and a lot of sex appeal. There are a lot of excellent open source applications: DomWiki, BlogSphere, etc. but since they are standalone, it would take a lot of effort to combine them into a unified environment. My aim is: take the best of all of them and combine them in one single space.

But this will take ages...

Will it? I know that I can make a complete website in Domino in one weekend and I am very eager to prove the qualities of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino as a rapid application platform, even for web applications. With a little help from other Notes enthousiasts (that's you), I think I can build it in about a month. Even if I fail, I will have learned a lot and I probably will have programmed some very nice re-usable components.

The security

Eventually, there will be Notes authentication and privileges based on user roles. But for now, since I am going to build this online, people who logged in to this site will have read/write access to everything. Anonymous visitors will only have read access.

Watch this blog!

The first thing you will notice is a yellow action bar on top of the pages: this will give you access to the Domino Workspace in progress. Any advice or comment is more than welcome!

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  1. 20/08/2007 21:23:32, Charles Robinson

    You might want to look at Peanuts Portal or mPortal as starting points. I prefer Peanuts because it has both Notes and web UI's.

  2. 20/08/2007 21:43:57, Michel Van der Meiren

    Thanks for the links. I liked mPortal the most, but I'm not going for the high customisation thing: I want to build something that is simple and fast. mPortal is very impressive. I can well believe that's the product of four years work.

  3. 04/09/2007 22:19:50, Mike McP

    Wow. I was just checking out the blog and saw the mPortals shout-out. Glad you like it, and keep up the good work. Anxious to see what you come up with, especially since I've been using Sharepoint a good bit at work.

  4. 04/09/2007 22:34:19, Mike McP

    Oh yeah, I should not that I'm in complete agreement with you on the need for a good Domino-based only worry is that there's already some really good Wiki/Blog templates on openNTF. I always try hard to not duplicate anything that is already being doing well.

    I really see most of the new Quickr stuff as flashy marketing (sorry IBM), and you could really do them in Domino in 2.0 style quite easily. If I ever delve back into mPortal, the next piece I add will be a Quickr-like doc sharing model (that is unless someone builds one I can just slap inside an iframe). Since I'm already storing identity in mPortal (users can customize their portal, and I save a doc for each user), it wouldn't be hard to extend that to allow them a quota'd repository in the database where they could store nuggets of information (images, documents, blog entries, etc). I would interrogate the object they want to put in the library and pre-render a .png thumbnail on the back-end when they save it with their item to give it that snazzy 2.0 look & feel.

    Anyway, good luck!

    Once their library was created, they could pick through the other registered users and delegate access to their library (view/edit), or just flag it so everyone can read it.

  5. 05/09/2007 19:38:57, Michel Van der Meiren

    Hello Mike. I know the feeling: I just lost my battle at my customer to SharePoint. So I'll have to work with that MS product a lot soon. Well, at least I will have a very good insight in the competion. What I'm really trying to do: 1 prove the incredible power of Domino as a rapid application platform and 2 taking the best out of the indeed fantastic open source Domino solutions and merge them into one collaboration solution. And I sure can use all the advice I can get while doing this :-) I'm not so fond of these iframe-solutions though.

  6. 16/10/2007 03:40:15 AM, Gareth Karlsson

    So when will a download be ready for release?

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