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Domino BlogSphere V3 new Beta

Declan Lynch has published a new beta version of his blog template. It contains a number of bug fixes and an improved version of LightBox for the photo albums. You can find more information on

How to upgrade your blog

Reminder: if you replace the design of your database, you will loose all custom development you might have done.

Displaying internal categories

In the blog summary, I wanted to display the internal categories (tags) instead of having the technorati links. At first, I could not find out how to do it. Declan Lynch told me how to do this. Here's a list of the tags involved:

"<$Trans_Categories$>the word "Category" translated
<$BSEntryTechnorati$>the list of the category URLs on the Technorati site
<$BSCategoriesURL$>the list of categories with internal By Category links
<$BSEntryCategories$>makes a plaintext list of categories with no links

So just replacing <$BSEntryTechnorati$> with <$BSCategoriesURL$> did the trick.

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