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Blog entries tagged with 'Web 2.0''

Domino RSS feeds

Here's the database with all the code and design elements you need to get your own RSS feeds going.

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DC 1 - Domino SiteBuilder guide 001

I started a technical guide to go with the sample databases. Here are the first pages.

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Testing the new web interface

Testing to see if the page renders correctly.

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d-works is finally there

After a long absence, I'm taking up blogging again, introducing d-works: the movie and d-works: the product.

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Document management

As a part of making d-works, I need to add some vital document management functionalities to my Wiki component. Here's the plan.

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Adding and controlling Flickr badges

How to tweak Flickr badges on web pages, make them XHTML compliant and open the images in another window.

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PicLens for Domino

PicLens is a web widget to show image galleries as a slideshow or a 3d wall. It is used by Google, Picasa, Flickr and Facebook, but you can also add it to your own site. I've made a small demo that includes PicLens in a Domino site.

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dworks: now with YouTube

So much to do, so little time. One of my collegues added some movies in the d-works site.

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Introducing d-works

For those of you who wondered why it was so deadly quiet on this blog, here's the answer.

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What's on your Domino wish list

If you would make a wish list what would be the Domino application/feature you would like to have?

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