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Domino Workspace: Blogs now have an Archive view

Since I plan to have the first beta of Domino Workspace ready by begin October 2007, I am putting a lot of time in programming all the features I need. Tonight, I tackled the Archive view.

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Update: My blog now has a Comments RSS feed

For those who comment regularly on my posts, you now have a RSS feed for the comments.

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My new XHTML page skeleton

This new XHTML 1.0 templates contain the basic elements needed to create validating and well performing web pages. You can choose between Strict and Transitional.

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Domino Workspace: Rich text editor beta

Finally, I found the courage to start making my own rich text editor.

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Makig a calendar in LotusScript

Every blog needs a calendar, so I started to play with dates to make a calendar in LotusScript

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Domino Workspace: first beta of the Blog room

The first beta version of the Blog roomtype is ready for use.

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Domino Workspace: the WebSession class

Inspired by Jake Howlett, I've made my own WebSession class to have easy access to my basic elements for the WebQueryOpen agents.

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Domino Workspace: LotusScript timing and error tracking

In this entry, I describe the LotusScript programming techniques I use for the WebQueryOpen agents in Domino Workspace.

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Announcing Domino Workspace

After examining different solutions for creating web spaces to work together as a team, I am covinced that the real answer is not SharePoint, WebSphere or Quickr. The real answer should be a Domino based solution: Domino Workspace.

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Caching HTML: Tag cloud in LotusScript

I replaced my Ajax Tag cloud with a cached HTML block made in LotusScript. One HTTP request less, one performance improvement gained.

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