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Happy Halloween

I took the liberty of putting in a small halloween skin for the time being.

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View navigation in Web 2.0 style

I saw this type of navigation on Flickr, and I decided to work out a function to navigate through a NotesViewCollection in LotusScript.

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The first anniversary of my blog

Well how is that? Looking back on a year of blogging.

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A Domino WysiWiki

Wikis are part of the Web 2.0 hype. I'll explain what wikis are about and share the basic LotusScript components to use to resolve WikiLinks.

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The future of Domino web development

What direction should we take for future Domino web development? Choose your colour: yellow, red or orange.

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LotusScript functions to generate valid XHTML forms

These functions will make it easy to generate valid XHTML forms.

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Working with a master template

Systems like PHP and Microsoft dot net use HTML templates with special 'tags', placeholders which are filled in by the application. I made the same for Domino.

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Looking for a nice file upload control

The next thing I wanted to tackle: working with attached files. A research on the internet prooved that it is not that easy.

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Domino Workspace: blog post now has rich text editing

I've integrated the rich text editing component in the blog post form.

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Domino Workspace: The blog calendar

I finished the calendar navigator of the Blog roomtype.

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