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Coming back from The View Lotus Developer 2007, Barcelona

Surprisingly, this conference made me take an important decision: I am going to switch from LotusScript to Java for all my future Domino projects.

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The VIEW Lotus Developer2007 Europe

I will be there. If you are going there next week as well, maybe we can have a chat.

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Input control with type-ahead

Here's the challenge: allow the user to freely choose tags for their post, but suggest already existing tags. The solution: an input field with type-ahead. I know it's already been done many times, but here goes...

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Latest version of the StringBuffer class

In previous versions, there were some 'issues'. I took the LotusScript code trough some tests, and here's the update.

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Adding a comment count to my Blog

I've added something my blog was missing: a comment count. It proved to be quite a nightmare to do this.

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Flickr style navigation rework

My previous versions of the Web 2.0 - Flickr style navigation didn't work correctly. So I decided to completely rework it.

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Halloween skin put back in closet

I got a little bored with my Halloween skin, so I am retiring it a little sooner. Back to the Domino orange.

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New tool: JavaScript Diff

This tool shows the difference between two versions of code, CSS, JavaScript, anything.

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More Halloween: Scary font replacement with sIFR

Let's have some fun and do the undoable: using custom fonts in web pages. There is no standard way in HTML/CSS, but there is a non-obtrusive solution using Flash. So until Halloween, Domino 2.0 uses a scary font for its headers. Click on 'Permalink' to read more.

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A one fits all navigator in LotusScript

Using a QueryString agent, I managed to squeeze all views and the search in one navigator. How nice is that?

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