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Making a site builder in Domino

How far will I get in one weekend? Let's prove the rapid development capacibilities of Domino.

Permalink - posted on 20/06/2008 16:33 in Domino
Getting Domino application statistics

Getting statistics out of a Domino applications can be very useful. Here are a few LotusScript functions to get some basic statistic information.

Permalink - posted on 18/06/2008 08:34 in Domino, LotusScript
Displaying a popup on mouseover

This seems to be simple, but the reality was quite different.

Permalink - posted on 10/06/2008 11:41 in Ajax - 1 response
Capture web pages in a Domino application

Script to infuse any web page with a form to save the link and the page metadata in a Domino application.

Permalink - posted on 08/06/2008 09:28 in Domino, Ajax
My JavaScript namespace object explained

In every application, I use the same very condensed Ajax object as a base. Here's a description of it.

Permalink - posted on 07/06/2008 09:32 in Ajax
Analog clock in JavaScript

This clock is completely CSS and JavaScript based. Lots of trigonometry happens.

Permalink - posted on 29/05/2008 18:50 - 1 response
Create an HTML table with all the fields in a document

A short LotusScript function to list all the field names and values in a document. The output is an HTML table.

Permalink - posted on 22/05/2008 10:52 in LotusScript
Caching document info in a field

Permalink - posted on 15/05/2008 17:07 in LotusScript
Navigating to previous and next documents

When viewing a blog entry, this LotusScript adds a link to the previous and next documents.

Permalink - posted on 11/05/2008 15:11 in LotusScript
Document roll back

This is part three of my wiki versioning: the LotusScript to do a roll back.

Permalink - posted on 07/05/2008 09:51 in LotusScript
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