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Building applications for speed

A few tips and hints for building fast responding web applications with Domino.

Permalink - posted on 21/11/2006 18:55 in Domino
Creating a server-side proxy using a LotusScript agent

XmlHttpRequests are not allowed cross-domain. The easiest solution is having your own server do the request and serve the result to you. I used LotusScript...

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Building a tag cloud from a Notes view with XML and Ajax

In this post, I use Ajax to transform a simple unordered list from a categorized Notes view into a tag cloud.

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Validate xhtml of a site in development with Ajax

I use to validate the XHTML. But obviously the site I'm working on is not yet available on the Internet. So I have to copy and paste the source of the page. Here's a little script that gets the source of the current page and posts it to the validator.

Permalink - posted on 10/11/2006 16:40 in Ajax
Unobtrusive Flash with an Ajax 'Mme.flash' module

This very small module is all it needs to embed Flash in web pages while being standards compliant and friendly to search engines. The 'Mme.flash' module is an extension to my JavaScript 'Mme' namespace.

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Adding document counts with Ajax

This post shows how to use Ajax to get the number of child documents out of a categorized Notes view in XML and add these to the page.

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Adding a user registration system to my blog

How to enable editing in XHTML and how to make a Cookie based user registration system in Domino

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And there was Ajax... unobtrusively entering Domino 2.0 blog

Until now, my homemade blog template has been free from any code: no JavaScript, no LotusScript. This has changed: I've added a few JavaScript behaviours: popup windows without the 'target' attribute, e-mail address protection and striped tables.

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Essence of a Domino hosted website

I've been quite busy working on SEO and building websites with Lotus Notes/Domino lately. When doing websites, I discovered that I had to reverse my thinking completely. Here are some of my findings.

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Making an embedded comment form

My Lotus Notes Blog template is missing a way to comment on the posts. So I am making one, using only forms, views and a few formulas. How to set session cookies and permanent cookies and how to delete them. I also strip all HTML from a field value using @formulas only.

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