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My blog now runs on HTML5

It's been a long time since my last post. So here's a quick guide on how to render HTML 5 websites in Domino.

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Making an Ajax star rating system for Domino

The system uses an external database to collect the votes and Ajax to send the new vote and update the rating.

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Domino 2.0: new template in progress

I'm working on a new look and feel for my blog...

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Domino RSS feeds

Here's the database with all the code and design elements you need to get your own RSS feeds going.

Permalink - posted on 13/03/2009 20:20 in Domino, Web 2.0
Domino picture resizer

When a picture is uploaded, Domino automatically creates different sizes and attaches them to the current document.

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DC 2 - Working with page templates and stylesheets

Step 2 of the Domino Sitebuilder project: setting up the template system.

Permalink - posted on 16/02/2009 22:37 in Domino
DC 1 - Domino SiteBuilder guide 001

I started a technical guide to go with the sample databases. Here are the first pages.

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DC 1 - Hello World

The first download with the core components of Domino SiteBuilder.

Permalink - posted on 05/02/2009 19:52 in Domino - 4 responses
DC 0 - A Domino Cookbook - introduction

Today I'm starting a series of blog posts, explaining everything step by step. The topic? Making a Domino SiteBuilder.

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xJay: A new Javascript library

I started to use a new technique, using object wrappers.

Permalink - posted on 25/12/2008 05:36 - 1 response
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